Style isn't some
mystical art.

Many guys think that style is something
you are or aren't born with. It's not true.


The best tailors, barbers and stylists leverage a set of key principles when consulting with a client. Fitted is making that knowledge accessible to every man.

Our goal is to enable ALL men to feel confident and powerful as a result of their style choices, by providing them advice based on the science of style.

We go beyond measurements to understand the whole person so that clothing and style choices don’t just fit your body, but your life.

The result is a prioritized set of recommendations tailored to your physical features, lifestyle & style profile.


Custom clothing design from TAYLOR, Fitted's AI tailor

The Blog

Each outfit, how-to video or recommendation is connected to the science of style.

Our goal is to provide men with advice they can easily understand and apply to themselves, including:

  • dressing and grooming for their physical features
  • simple how to’s and tips that make style easy
  • style choices that complement their dalily activities
  • the difference between smart casual, business casual and business formal situations
  • making responsible & sustainable style decisions