The best beard styles for a diamond face shape

4 diamond face shape beard styles
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED October 2, 2019

When choosing any beard or hairstyle, you want to take into account your physical attributes.

Diamond faces are usually longer than they are wide, with prominent and wide cheekbones.

Beards can be very helpful if you have a diamond face shape as they help to fill in and strengthen your jawline. Your face shape is pretty much the best option for the full-on hipster bushy beard style if it’s something you’re interested in.

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Pro tips to consider

  • Beards are your best friend! With a narrower jawline, beards are helpful as they help add extra weight and focus on your jawline
  • Look at the difference in width between your jaw and cheekbones- the larger the difference between the width, the bigger a beard you can go for
    • If you have a lot of extra width, go bushy, if only a little bit, then keep your beard more tapered
  • With a longer beard style, make sure you shampoo and condition your beard regularly, and see a barber monthly to help shape it
  • Your beard style and haircut are a complimentary pair. Take a look at our haircuts for diamond face shapes.

Beards styles for a diamond face shape infographic