Haircuts for an early stage receding hairline

Short, medium and long haircut options for men with a minor widow's peak
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED September 1, 2019
This article applies to the highlighted hairlines above.

With a minor widow’s peak, almost every hairstyle option is still available to you! A widow’s peak is a very common hairline for many guys to develop as they mature. When you’re in the early stages of a receding hairline, you should choose your haircut off of your face shape, with a couple of exceptions.

AVOID: Super short haircuts – buzz cuts are not your best friend anymore. When you cut your hair this short it exposes the scale of your receding hairline. Medium hairstyles are a better option to enable your finer hair to still fill in the corners of your hairline. If you want something super short, consider more of a crew cut where the top is a bit longer, the sides are super short, and the fade is high. The high fade reduces the visual curve that your receding hairline creates at the temples.

Man with a short fade side part haircut
Short crew cut for a widow’s peak receding hairline

BEST OPTION: Medium textured haircuts – if you want to strengthen your receding hairline, haircuts with a lot of texture will be your best option. Ask your barber/stylist to keep the corners a bit longer so that the hair can be pushed forward. 

Medium textured hairstyle for a widow’s peak hairline.

ADDITIONAL OPTION: Medium clean haircuts – whereas textured haircuts will more likely cover up your receding hairline, fades and cleaner cuts will expose it. This isn’t a bad thing, you just end up with a more mature look. High fades or an undercut are helpful as they will keep the focus on the top of your head rather than where the hairline starts to recede. 

Medium clean hairstyle for a widow’s peak hairline.

ADDITIONAL OPTION: Long haircuts – Similar to the medium clean cuts, longer hairstyles will expose your hairline more than a medium textured cut would, resulting in a more mature look. The thinner hairs will be able to grow longer though, and as a result have more volume.

Long side part hairstyle for a minor widow’s peak hairline.

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATION: At this stage, you may also want to consider options to prevent further hair loss, as the most common treatments help you keep your hair, not regrow it. It’s much more difficult and expensive to re-grow it once it’s gone. Check out our guide to thinning hair and male pattern baldness for some strategies to keep hold of your follicles.