Hairstyles for thin hair or balding crowns

Your best haircut options if you have a slightly balding crown
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED September 1, 2019
This article applies to the highlighted hairlines above.

With a thinning crown, especially if you have a stronger hairline at the front, the goal is to add volume to the back of your head. 

AVOID: Medium length hairstyles – with a balding crown, medium length haircuts end up in an awkward in-between: you don’t have enough hair to add cover the crown, while at the same time you’re not owning the receding hairline. It’s better to take the time to grow your hair out, or dive into a buzzcut. 

OPTION 1: Long/med-long hairstyles – With a smaller balding crown, longer hairstyles are a great option to have a minor combover. The combover is a bit of a dreaded word, but so long as the bald spot isn’t too big, it is still a great option, especially if you have a stronger hairline in the front. These haircuts will require more maintenance in general though as you’ll need to blow dry your hair and use product in order to ensure there’s enough volume at the crown of your head. CAUTION: be honest about the size of your balding crown, if it’s more advanced, then longer hairstyles aren’t right for you. 

Long/medium hairstyle for thin hair or balding crowns

OPTION 2: Super short haircuts – confidence is key with this one. In going for a buzzcut or similar style, you’re exposing your hairline fully and owning it. This is a great option, especially if you connect it with a beard that can keep interest and help frame your face. 

Super short haircut for thin hair or balding crowns

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATION: At this stage, you may also want to consider options to prevent further hair loss, as the most common treatments help you keep your hair, not regrow it. It’s much more difficult and expensive to re-grow it once it’s gone. Check out our guide to thinning hair and male pattern baldness for some strategies to keep hold of your follicles.