The best beard styles for a heart face shape

4 beard styles for heart shapes faces
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED October 2, 2019

When choosing any beard or hairstyle, you want to take into account your physical attributes.

Heart shaped faces are widest at the forehead and then taper down to the chin. 

If you have a heart shaped face, bushier beard styles are a great option to help add extra weight to your jawline. If you want to go for the full-on hipster-style beard, your face shape is naturally pre-disposed to it. 

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Pro tips to consider

  • Use a beard to fill in the space between your cheekbones and jawbones to fill out your face
  • From short to longer styles, your face is very versatile for beards
    • Gauge how full your beard should be by looking in a mirror, and seeing how much narrower your jaw is to your cheekbones. The more space between the two widths, the fuller a beard you can go for.
  • Strong jaws are naturally attractive, if your jaw is only slightly narrower than your cheekbones, stick to shorter styles to show off the natural angularity of your jawline 
  • Your beard style and haircut are a complimentary pair.

Beards styles for a heart face shape infographic