The best men’s haircuts for a rectangular face shape

4 rectangle face shape haircuts
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED October 1, 2019

When choosing any beard or hairstyle, you want to take into account your physical attributes.

Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide, with a consistent width across the forehead, cheekbones and jawline and a strong, angular jawline.

If you have a rectangular face, you want to choose haircuts with softer lines and avoid too much volume. Your face is naturally longer so anything that goes up could end up adding too much extra visual length to your face. Your strong jawline is a great attribute that you want to compliment with your grooming choices. 

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Pro tips to consider

  • Natural styles of haircuts (relaxed and textured corners) are the best options for you as your jawline stands strong on its own
  • Wearing your bangs/fringe down will help to decrease the visual length of your face
  • Avoid super short sides and abrupt fades, even if they’re trendy, as they will add a lot of visual length (sort of like a runway straight to the top of your head)
  • Your beard style and haircut are a complimentary pair. Take a look at our beard styles for rectangular face shapes.

General best practices

  • Think about how much time you have to devote to a styling your hair on a daily basis. The shorter your hair, the easier it’s going to be to maintain
  • Think about the formality level you need for your work. Longer and relaxed styles may not be the best option if you work in a business formal environment (i.e. lawyer, finance or similar)
  • If you have a receding hairline, check out our guide to haircuts for receding hairlines when deciding on longer or shorter styles.