A Guide to Receding Hairlines, Hair-Loss, and the Hairstyles to Deal With Them

Understanding and dealing with receding hairlines and other hair-loss dilemmas
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED November 1, 2019
Receding Hairline

I’m officially 30…I’ve started using Rogaine (Regaine for our European readers). 

As long as I can remember, my dad has been bald. My Oma (grandma) loved to show us photos of him when he was younger with flowing auburn locks, perfectly suited to the 70s. When my sisters and I asked what happened to all of his hair, he’d tell us that one day he sneezed and it all fell out (side note- if you’ve heard my father sneeze, you may believe that actually happened). As I got older though, the juxtaposition of my dad’s shiny bald head vs. the full head of hair he used to have made me question what would happen to mine. Until recently, I thought I had won the hair lottery and was destined to have a strong hairline late into life…alas, that’s not exactly the case.

Man in a leather jacket, boots and dress pants leaning against a railing.
Abraham in a fall/spring smart casual look.

A recent decision to try out a buzz cut for the first time in my life gave me some insights that had previously been covered up by the length of my hair: I definitely have a receding hairline.

While browsing r/malehairadvice (a Reddit discussion about guy’s hair) I realized how much confusion there is over receding hairlines. From what causes hair loss, through to hairstyles for men at various stages, and when to pull the ripcord and just shave it all off. It’s important to note that this is a highly personal and sensitive topic for many guys. Not only is it a significant factor in your style profile, but it’s also often one of the earliest signs of aging out of the “fun” years in life and into the more responsible decades. 

This guide is meant to give you the background knowledge you need to understand male pattern baldness, how to hold onto the hair you have, and how to rock various hairstyles for receding hairlines or decide to go the full distance and shave it all off.

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