The Complete Demystification of Men’s Wedding Attire

Groom, groomsman, best man or guest- this is the complete guide to men's wedding attire
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED October 8, 2019
Two men in suits crossing the street

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely been there; the save the date card arrives in the mail, and the preparations for the wedding begin: 

  • Can I go?
  • Where is the wedding and how and I going to get there?
  • What’s an appropriate wedding present for the happy couple?

Wedding attire has become nearly as confusing as office attire lately; many wedding invites somehow “conveniently” forget to state the formality level, expecting you to instead infer what you’re supposed to wear.  And in the event you’re lucky enough to get some guidance, you end up with new formality categories to decipher such as “cottage formal” and “creative cocktail attire.” 

Answering the question of, “What do I wear to a wedding?” can seem daunting for many men, but no need to worry, FITTED is here to help. The best part is that if you’re resourceful in your clothing purchases, you can truly make one or two suits do double, or even triple duty for weddings, work and other events. 

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about mens’ wedding attire in our FITTED wedding outfit guide. 

The breakdown:

  • Wedding outfits by formality level
    • Infographic
  • Wedding outfits by location
    • Infographic