Wedding Wear for Men: Wedding Outfits by Formality Level

A simple guide for wedding attire based off of the formality level and season
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED August 8, 2019
Example of a wedding outfit

This guide describes outfit considerations for weddings based off of the season and formality level. If your wedding invite has a clearly stated formality level, then this guide is for you. If not, you can use this guide to find examples of wedding outfits by the venue and season.

To skip the reading, you can check out this infographic.

The breakdown:

  • Casual
  • Beach formal (AKA cottage formal)
  • Cocktail attire (AKA semi-formal, dress casual)
  • Formal attire (AKA black tie optional)
  • Black tie
  • White tie
  • Themed wedding attire
  • Infographic

Materials: Cotton/Flannel

Colours: Neutrals like navy, brown and olives

  • Casual wedding attire for men that use stiff cotton or flannel whether this be in the form of a full suit or separates can differentiate this wedding look from the everyday.
  • A sure fire way to take this look to the next level is pairing it up with a leather sneaker. We suggest white or brown to keep it simple. By doing this, we are keeping with the theme of casual but keep formality by using leather to intentionally carry the look further in its casual state.

Materials: Linen, Cotton, Blends, High thread count wools

Colours: Greys, Blues, Browns, White

  • Wedding wear for men can be quite varied versatile. Think of your beach wedding attire as the canvas as pale colours can play to your surroundings. Whether it be beach or cottage, these environments offer a plethora of colour for one to stand out in.
  • Rich and deep colours can work for wedding attire for men, but be sure to balance this out with a light neutral tone such as light grey and white/cream.
  • Full Suit, separate options (sports coat with complementary pants) and jacketless looks are all acceptable for outdoor weddings
  • Light colours are a great option with this type of wedding attire as they help keep you cool and comfortable in hotter weather

Materials: Wool

  • Semi formal wear for men will blur the lines between formal attire and casual wedding attire.
  • As a good rule of thumb, we suggest to stick with a wool suit. This can be in the form of a two piece suit or separate pants/jacket.
  • Bolder ties can elevate the look and take it to a formal level
  • No tie is acceptable as well, but consider a patterned shirt or pocket square to accentuate the outfit.

Materials: Wool

Colours: Black, Navy, Greys or Mid Blue

  • Lapel: Notch (Try Peak lapels for that classic suit detail)
  • Shirt: White or Light Blue (Try French cuffs to elevate the look)
  • Tie: Tonal Solids or Patterned
  • Pocket Square: White cotton

PDF Downloadable to take to the tailor

Black Tie attire is always an easy avenue to explore in terms of wedding wear for men. It gives the groom the ability to use the suit after the nuptials. Sticking within our suggested colour palette, ensures versatility with creating more combinations in later uses. If you want to have a bit more fun with the look, it’s easy to add a matching or contrasting vest to a two piece suit to help push the aesthetic of a wedding suit for men. A tonal solid or pattern tie in contrast to the suit help solidify the look from becoming an office look. After the wedding the suit is ready for the workplace or special events. 


  • Lapel: Peak or Shawl Collared
  • Colours:Black and Navy 
  • Bolder Options: White, Off White Linen or Black Velvet dinner jacket
  • Shirt: White Plain Front, Pleated Front tuxedo shirt with french cuffs
  • Bowtie: Black Silk
  • Pocket Square: White cotton or silk
  • Cufflinks: Silver or Gold
  • Shoes: Black Patent Lace Up or Velvet Loafers

PDF Downloadable to take to the tailor 

Tuxedos are a timeless and particular ensemble alongside the statement that is the wedding dress. The two colours to keep in mind for a groom tuxedo are black and navy. These options streamline any layering pieces as a white tuxedo shirt, black bowtie are only needed to complete the whole look. Generally when wearing a dinner jacket, it is best to pair this with black tuxedo trousers. Use this as a guideline since dinner jackets can come in a variety of colours.

Evening Tailcoat

  • Lapel: Peak or Shawl Collared
  • Colours:Black
  • Shirt: White Plain Front, Pleated Front tuxedo shirt with french cuffs
  • Bowtie: White Silk
  • Pocket Square: White cotton or silk
  • Cufflinks: Silver or Gold
  • Shoes: Black Patent Lace Up

PDF Downloadable to take to the tailor

White tie is the pinnacle of where formal wear is defined. True to form, when the invitation indicates white tie suit, this is a rigid criteria for how one will be dressed for the wedding hence the term white tie. A black evening tailcoat with tuxedo pants will create a sense of opulence and classic formalwear into the modern day. From there, the same principles of tuxedos applies by pairing a white tuxedo shirt, cufflinks and mainly black patent lace ups. The only difference being the white tie.

When thinking of wedding wear for men, it’s worth keeping in mind that more and more, we find that weddings have evolved passed the suit. Themed wedding attire for men can be an open concept but generally will steer away from resorting to a suit jacket. Rustic weddings have become increasingly popular, where a waistcoat, button shirt and trousers are usually the standard.

Cultural weddings are another avenue that couples are delving down to pay homage to their roots. We are seeing this being utilized where traditional garbs are worn for the ceremony and men are now partaking in the concept of outfit changes. This means that by the reception, suits and tuxedos are more commonly used to serve a purpose of function for the night. This is commonly seen within Indian wedding dresses for men.

An infographic of men's wedding attire by formality level and season