Wedding Wear for Men: Wedding Outfits by Location

A guide to help you interpret what to wear when all you know is the location and season of a wedding.
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED August 8, 2019

This guide describes outfit considerations for weddings based off of the location and season. If your invite doesn’t have a formality level, but you know where and when the wedding is happening, this guide is for you. If your wedding invite has a clearly stated formality level, it’s better to use this guide, which explains men’s wedding attire by formality level.

To skip the reading, you can check out this infographic.

The breakdown:

  • Destination weddings
  • Church weddings
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Event venue weddings:
    • Relaxed event venues (e.g. brewery, restaurant)
    • Classy event venues (e.g. golf clubs, hotels, galleries)
    • High end event venues (e.g. castles, private clubs)
  • Infographic

Going abroad? When it comes down to wedding wear for men, it’s important to consider the heat factor. Whether it’s Europe, the Carribean or somewhere in Latin America, heat will be the common denominator amongst most destination weddings. For beach wedding groom attire and others, a packing checklist will organize every aspect of preparing for hotter weather without leaving you sweating. Remember that lighter colours help your clothing not absorb as much heat. Here are some essentials to remember when making that packing checklist:

  • Linen/Blend suit for ceremony/reception
  • Linen separates for any pre-wedding events
  • Short sleeve merino wool t-shirts for cooler nights 
  • Short sleeve button ups 
    • Try a camp collar this year (Either untucked with shorts or tucked with tailored pants)
  • Cotton/Blend plain front shorts make for easy day to day wear
  • Boat Shoes/Sandals for casual strolls or sight seeing
  • Loafers for dressed up nights
  • Handkerchief to serve double duty as a pocket square and keeping sweat away

The Church wedding is the epitome of the term, special occasion as this is a religious affair. For church wedding wear for men, we suggest to follow the guidelines of what are they getting for the wedding? (<delete) Depending on the season, wedding wear for men in a church setting will take aspects of formal attire/black tie optional. From there it’s all in the details from the tie/bow tie, pocket square and shoes. 

With using a white formal shirt with your wedding attire, a blush pink tie, pale blue or light grey can really take the suit to a formal route. Tuxedos will always work best with black bow ties. If you are feeling adventurous try a patterned tie with our suggested colour scheme to maintain that tonal effect or a red/burgundy bow tie to add a pop of colour for detail in your wedding attire.

For summer weddings, we can apply aspects of beach/cottage formal to adhere to weather code besides dress code. The wedding can have outdoor aspects with taking into consideration, picture taking in gardens or the city where the sun is sure to make an appearance.

Rustic or whimsical, cottage and lakeside wedding outfits can vary with regards to the dress code. In the summer, think light, comfortable and a wedding outfit that can withstand being outdoors in hotter weather. Spring weddings can utilize the majority of materials. As where Summer wedding, you should generally consider linens, linen blends or cottons.

In any capacity of wedding outfit, consider a wool-silk linen suit. This brings the best of both worlds for anyone who is thinking of a mens linen suit. Linen can be synonymous with wrinkling but the breathable weave of a linen mixed with the natural drape of a wool can reduce the wrinkling aspect. Pair this option with a bold linen tie either in solid or textured weave and cotton or linen pocket square. This is a sure fire combination that doesn’t force you to into an overly formal look. 

As the guest, see how formal the wedding attire is. A great option to consider is a cotton suit, as it is smart casual at its finest. This be dressed up with a linen based tie or worn without a tie but bold cotton pocket square. The suit can then be broken for future use, pants as casual chinos and the jacket for a casual Friday look with jeans.

Weddings are occurring in many interesting and innovative venues. These venues can range in formality, but we’ve broken them down with examples of each.

EXAMPLES: Brewery, restaurant

The city can provide cool, urban backdrops that juxtapose the airiness that come with weddings. We even see more commonly, civil ceremonies taking place with intimate cocktail receptions. With cement and brick being very common backdrops with some greenery. Consider rich jewel tones of colours that use your surroundings as platform for your city wedding outfit to pop. We can apply the same principles of cottage wedding wear for men as simpler weddings can carry a more casual tone.

EXAMPLES: Golf clubs, hotels, galleries

Weddings can also take place in urban gardens with receptions at hotels or restaurants. Thinking of what are they getting for the wedding? Dark conservative or monochromatic tones serve well against the city backdrops and maintain that heightened sense of formalness.

EXAMPLES: Castles, high end hotels, private clubs

More formal wedding venues require more formal attire. If you’re in doubt as to the level with a high end venue, you may want to ask the happy couple if they are looking for black tie optional or black tie attire, if so, follow this guide instead.