The FITTED vision and values

Building a personalized and sustainable fashion industry while remaining transparent and respecting people's privacy
By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED May 14, 2019
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Many people have a glossy idea of what a startup looks like, largely informed by the most prolific success stories in the tech industry, or “unicorns” as they’re often referred to. It seems somewhat glamorous from the outside: coming up with an idea, putting that idea into action, achieving massive success (that’s not actually how a startup succeeds by the way). I won’t lie, that glossy idea is what tempted me into taking the dive into the unknowns of a startup, although I knew that it would be a lot of hard work and that there was a high chance of “failure.” In truth, I had no idea how difficult the road would actually be from idea to market.

There are so many massive decisions to be made in such rapid succession in the world of a startup. Having a small, agile team allows you to make these decisions quickly, but it also means that it’s very easy to deviate from your path without realizing it. At FITTED, we manage this risk through our vision and values. Our vision acts as our north star, keeping us on course, even though we may need to tack left or right along the way, while our values support us on a daily basis to not just make the easy decision, but the right decision.

The FITTED vision

FITTED’s vision of the future can be rolled up into two key principals:


Custom clothing and style accessories have seen a significant rise in popularity in the past few years. A demand for personalized experiences from consumers, coupled with production innovations for one-off and small batch items to be created, has set the stage for an age of individuality. But a world of endless options leads the way for a lot of confusion.

FITTED’s vision of the future of style is one where men can feel confident in their style decisions, rather than confused by too many options and too little guidance. Our goals is to enable this personalized and on-demand fashion revolution by bridging the gap between the multitude of options they could choose, and the ones they should choose. We’re doing this through our proprietary approach to the science of style.


The fashion industry is currently responsible for the release of 1.2B tonnes of greenhouse gases/year, which is more than the combined output of the annual maritime shipping and global air travel industries COMBINED. On top of this, a significant amount of wasted product is generated from items that never even get sold to consumers, or that are so cheap they’re only worn once or twice before being thrown away.

Our goal is to enable a shift to on-demand fashion by providing a value add service to customers, backed by a more sustainable choice. By producing only items that are truly desired by customers, rather than guessing at quantities and throwing the rest away, on-demand fashion has the power to significantly reduce the amount of waste output by the industry.

The FITTED Values

Although our vision acts as our north star, there are many different paths that we can take to get there. As a result, our values provide us with the tools to make the right decision each day we’re walking along the road.


Artificial intelligence is in many ways like fire: in its raw form it has the potential to do so much good, but also so much damage. Some people say it should be avoided altogether as a result of this negative potential, but our approach at FITTED is to harness the power of AI, while maintaining transparency.

We’re implementing our technology in such a way that with every decision and recommendation we make to a customer, we provide a clear reason of why it was made. We believe this helps us to uncover bias in our algorithms, while simultaneously building trust from our users.


The term “privacy by design” is FITTED’s slogan whenever it comes to a user’s data. We understand the intimacy of providing the details about your appearance and preferences that we need to give you the best recommendations, and so we build in privacy at the foundation of our product decisions.

Users have a clear understanding over what data we hold, how we use it, and how they can manage or delete.

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By Abraham Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED

Abraham is the Co-Founder & CEO of FITTED